Rasco Needs your Business, honestly!

No Games, No Tricks, and

No MISLEADING OR False Marketing



Above, you will see a typical online ordering house ‘recommendation’ for supplies.

(We did choose ‘staples’ as the product example as it is easier to follow more so than others like Floor Finish, Paper Towels, Glass Cleaner, Etc.)


1.         Notice that the ‘House Brand’ is more expensive than the name brand (25% more)

2.         If you search their website, you can find them for $0.72 per Thousand (45% LESS)

3.         Do you ‘need’ premium staples? (40% more)

4.         These are the “Top Results,” in your ‘best’ interest…. Or Theirs??

5.         They stock 35 different line items for ‘Standard Staples’

6.         Did you know that the price will change with the time of day on many sites?

7.         Tip:  If you ‘erase’ your cookies from your browser and use a search engine many times, you will find a price at the ‘same’ store for less than if you log in!




@ RASCo Janitorial Supply:



1.         We will consult with you on the best value product for your needs

2.         We will set you up online with only those items

3.         You will get a history of Invoices

4.         Confirmations, if requested

5.         And the ability to pay online or use your established business account.

6.         Tailored to your needs, to your budget, and stick with it.


Our process saves on an average of 38% for supply purchases made by your employees over the typical "Full Service" suppliers' marketing website.*