As with any janitorial training, these are guides and not rules.  Use what you like, but also use your best judgment for your own situation.  Most of all, safety first! Browse the files and feel free to download any thing you see useful! Check back for a additional training guides. until then click the links below for some useful training information.

Triple-S Video Hard Floorcare Series

Hard Floor Care

Floor Care
Floor Maint. First Line of Defense
Floors How To Use Preventive Maintenance
Hard Surface Stair Cleaning
How To Dustmop Floors
How To Dustmop Restroom Floors
How To High Speed Buff
How To Seal and Finish Floors
How to Speed Restore a Floor
Important Facts About Floor Disinfection
Procedure For Cleaning Neglected Quarry Tile
Procedure For Sealing and Finishing A Marble Floor
Procedure For Stripping Slate
Quarry Tile Maintenance-Spray-Down,Mop-Up Method
Stripping With An Automatic Scrubber
How to Strip Floors

Soft Floor Care

Carpet Protector
Carpet Care Program Chart
Dry Foam
Elevator Cleaning
Extraction Method
Five Point Carpet Care Program
Carpeted Surface Stair Cleaning
Critical VS Non-Critical Areas
How To Apply Carpet Protector
How To Vacuum Carpet
Procedure for Cleaning Carpeted Areas
Procedure for Vacuuming
Spot and Stain Removal Guide
The Dry Foam Method
Training Information
Using Rotary Machine
Cleaning Carpet
Equipment Cleaning
Cleaning Carpet Using the Bonnet Method
How To Remove Spots and Stains

If you have some written training material, that you feel would be good to share, please email it to: . I’ll post original material that is well thought out and written. You’ll receive the credit and at the same time, be helping our profession.